Glisen Research Solutions


Hair Care Products: Consumer Spend, Expectations & Income Study insight into African women!

We give you data-backed, insightful stories of women’s main hair concerns, needs, and behavior so you can better connect with your consumers.

Your Consumers = Our Community

Insights to help you connect with consumers better.

Knowledge to help you innovate at the next level.

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Enrich your value

Gain knowledge specific to the African woman’s hair including detailed hair profile, issues, lifestyle, and unmet needs.

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Better Market Positioning

Access relevant reports that help you tailor your messaging to better connect with your market.

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Product Innovation

Stay ahead of the curve and increase your bottom line by innovating products for unmet customer needs.

Why Choose Us

We are laser-focused on the African market, endeavoring to serve the world’s most underserved population with a growing spending power.


We capture observational data while the user is genuinely trying to solve their problems.


Our active community is comprised of  women in east Africa who are trying to solve their hair challenges.

Stay ahead of the pack

Our insights are up-to-date and comprehensive, reflecting the most recent sentiments and thorough information about the women you serve and their hair.

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