About the founder

Hi! I’m Selam, the founder of Glisen.

I’ve been researching and learning about natural hair before it was a trend. What started as a quest to rehabilitate my hair from the straightening and sleekness (not to mention breakage and heat damage!) required by a corporate workplace turned into a lifestyle and passion for all things hair. In the process, I unlearned years of hair knowledge that didn’t serve me, and had to re-learn and understand my own hair. Through this journey, I started to fall in love with my curls in a way I could never have imagined. I had finally cracked the code to beautiful, healthy curls and I wanted to spread the word!
Over the years, I’ve shared my knowledge to empower women to take back control of their hair health. Combining my love of hair and my background in technology, I founded Glisen to provide personalized hair care advice, product recommendations, and more.
My vision is for Glisen to be a resource for curly, kinky, coily-haired women all around the world, empowering women to learn and fall in love with their hair.

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