How to Be Consistent with Your Hair Care Routine

Consistent Hair Routine and regiman

Do you want the secret to healthy, beautiful hair? It’s not the latest hair hack on social media or an overpriced hair product. The secret to healthy hair is simpler than you think. It’s all about consistency. Like anything, you’ll start to see results when you put time, love, and effort into your hair care regimen. The best hair care routine is the one that you can be consistent with.

Okay, so this isn’t earth-shattering news. We always hear that consistency is the key to reaching our goals, but how do we remain consistent? In true Glisen fashion, our advice revolves around keeping things simple. It’s better to take it slow, gradually building up your hair care journey until it becomes second nature. Whatever your haircare goals are – whether it’s hair growth, repairing damaged hair, or transitioning to natural – you’ll get there with consistency. Your hair needs its regular TLC to thrive.

The basic steps for your hair care routine

You don’t need to jump into the deep end with your hair care routine. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and think that you need a 20-step hair care routine because of all the overwhelming advice about the best way to care for your hair. Going back to basics with a natural hair blueprint as the foundation for your hair care regime can be a game changer.

The foundation for your natural hair care is your scalp. Too much oil can lead to excess sebum, causing your hair to feel uncomfortable. If you don’t have enough oil, your scalp can start to feel dry and itchy.

Consistent Hair Routine and regimen

The first step of your hair care regime is to ensure your scalp’s health with regular cleansing. It’s worth investing in a gentle clarifying shampoo that removes impurities without stripping your scalp of its natural oils. Take our free quiz to see which clarifying shampoo we recommend for you!

Everyone’s hair is different – you might wash your hair once a week, while your best friend can go longer between washes. Your activities also determine how often you will wash your hair. If you swim or sweat often, you may wash your hair more frequently. Get to know your hair and what works for you.

The other basic step for your hair care routine is regular scalp massages. Take 10 minutes out of your day and massage your scalp with a nourishing oil treatment that helps rejuvenate your hair follicles.

As you start on your hair care journey, keep in mind that the foundational basics are a healthy scalp and moisturized hair – especially the ends. Once you have these two basics down, you can build upon this foundation as your schedule allows.

How to become consistent with your natural hair care

Now that you know where to start, how can you become consistent with your hair care regime? Start slow and gradually introduce new aspects of your routine – whether it is scalp massages or regular hair masks. Remind yourself that results take time – but that preserving will be worth it in the end.

One of the easiest ways to become consistent with your hair care routine is to incorporate it into an existing habit. Do you have a consistent nightly skincare routine? You can introduce your hair care regimen into this without disrupting your day. You want to incorporate your regimen as seamlessly as possible into your existing daily routine to increase the chances that your new habit will stick.


Consistent Hair Routine and regimen

It takes a village to look after your hair. Another way you can get help sticking to your hair care routine is to join a natural hair care destination like Glisen. Through our articles on our website and our tips on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll get the advice and encouragement you need to stick to your hair care routine and achieve your hair goals.

Are you not sure where to get started with your natural hair care routine? You can get instant and personalized hair care advice within just a few clicks with our free Glisen quiz. You’ll even get a tailored routine to get you started.

So remember, read our blueprint, start with the basics, and combine your new habit with an existing habit so that it sticks!

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