Your New Hair Care Companion has Arrived.

personalized hair care and hair products

Does the immense amount of hair care information out there overwhelm and confuse you? Having a hard time keeping up with new and hyped up “hair hacks” coming out regularly? Tired of investing in product after product which is marketed to meet all your hair needs? Do you wish you had a hair care coach that would guide you in your hair journey?

Despite the explosive growth and availability of  hair care information, products and tools, women are still fraught with angst when it comes to their hair.

I’ve been there too. I feel your struggle. Which is why I created Glisen. At Glisen, we understand that women don’t have the time to browse online for hours to figure out what will work for their hair. With Glisen, we have distilled the information you need, and that is all you will get. Our proprietary quiz and personalization engine identifies your unique hair profile and presents you with advice, tutorials, and products tailored to you. Consider this your new hair care companion in your hair care journey!

With the Glisen hair care portal, you will no longer struggle to figure out what works for your hair. We have carefully put together only the information you will need to nurture and love your hair. All you have to do is take a short quiz and you’ll be on your way to healthier hair you’ll love!

Your Personalized Hair Page

Once you take our short quiz and create an account, you’ll have access to your personalized hair page. Your hair page is full of great advice and selected products that you can purchase! You can access your page any time you want, it’s yours!

Tailored Routine

Our tailored routine provides you with hair care instructions organized by frequency, so you can learn what you need to do for your hair on a daily basis, and on a weekly & bi-weekly basis.

Glisen personalized hair care Tailored Routine

Curated Tutorials

Wondering how to achieve a certain hair style, or how to properly detangle? Wonder no more! Our Curated Tutorials section is filled with videos selected with your hair length and nature in mind, so that when you attempt the hair style you watched, it will actually work!

Glisen personalized hair care Curated Tutorials

Hand-picked Products

Buying every new product that’s guaranteed to be the holy grail of products is now a thing of the past. You will no longer have to break the bank to find the right products and tools, because our algorithm hand-picks products that are best formulated for your unique hair.

Glisen personalized hair care Hand-picked Products

Explanations to Your Hair Issues

Did you identify any hair issues on the quiz? Expect to find some detailed infographics that first list out and describe several possible causes of your issue and offer you remedies to try.

Glisen personalized hair care Issue explanations

DIY Hair Treatment Recipes

Are you a DIY junkie? Then you will love our Home Treatment Recipes section where we give you hair treatment recipes to make your own hair concoction at home.

Glisen personalized hair care Hair treatment recipes

Chat with Us 24/7!

If you are having trouble navigating your personalized portal or have any questions about your hair,  we are available to chat with you anytime! Simply click on the chat icon to get in touch!

Glisen personalized hair care chat

As your personal hair care companion, we’ve put the keys to healthy hair at your fingertips. Read as much or as little as you need to, when you need to.

With Glisen, you get back the power to understand your hair and only spend on what will work for your hair. Start your journey towards healthy hair and let Glisen be your companion on your way to hair you’ll love!

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