What You Need to Know About Hair pH Balance

Natural hair care pH balance

Are we back in Chemistry Class?

The last time you thought about ‘pH balance’, you were probably daydreaming in your high school chemistry class. After your final exam, you probably thought pH balance was something you wouldn’t have to worry about again. The pH balance of your natural hair is something that we should all be thinking about – especially with textured hair.

Don’t worry, this isn’t another chemistry exam. We’re breaking down what pH balance in hair means and what treatments you should be using to love and nurture your hair. At Glisen, we’re on a mission to help you fall in love with your natural hair

What is pH balance?

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14 – ith 0 to 6 being acidic, 7 neutral, nad 8 to 14 alkaline. The pH level of your hair and scalp will determine its overall health and condition. Healthy hair is typically acidic at around a pH level of 5.

So why does pH balance matter? Everything we do throughout the day throws our hair and scalp’s pH balance off, including the shampoo that you use. If you’re a fan of chemical processes, such as using coloring products, you’ll want to be extra mindful about your hair’s natural pH balance.

Natural hair care pH balance

Why pH balance matters for textured hair

When your hair’s pH balance starts to become too alkaline, the cuticle begins to lift. You’ll notice that your hair is more breakage-prone with extra frizz. If your scalp’s pH is more alkaline, it can affect the natural oils in your scalp and lead to dandruff.

When your hair has a balanced pH – meaning it’s not too alkaline or acidic – it’s able to fight against bacteria and maintain its moisture. By focusing on your hair’s pH balance, you can prevent breakage, protect your hair’s natural oils, and boost its elasticity.

How to maintain your hair’s pH balance

To get the most out of your natural curls, you want to focus on maintaining your hair’s pH balance. Keeping your hair moisturized is at the heart of maintaining its pH balance. If your hair becomes too dry – or is stripped of its natural oils – it can become more alkaline.

If you want to maintain your hair’s pH balance, you need to consider each product you use. Your shampoo and conditioner should be pH balanced. Most shampoos are alkaline, meaning that you want to shop around for a pH-neutral shampoo or one that is slightly acidic if you’re trying to balance your hair’s pH levels.

Natural hair care pH balance

The products and DIY treatments you need

There are plenty of DIY at-home treatments that you can try to balance the pH level of natural hair. Aloe juice has a pH level of 4.5, comparable to the natural acidity of most hair types. Adding aloe juice to a spray bottle is an easy way to create a treatment on the go to lower your hair’s pH level and tackle frizz.

You can also lower your hair’s pH level by creating a solution of 1-part apple cider vinegar to 5-parts water as a post-shampoo treatment.

Look out for hair treatments and products that incorporate coconut oil and olive oil. They’ll boost your hair’s moisture and shine while balancing your pH levels if your hair is more acidic after chemical treatments. 

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