Cracking the Textured Hair Code!

Selam Emiru hair care expert

An Innocent Search in an Unfamiliar City

Like many women, my natural hair journey might not have been the smoothest, but goodness, it has been rewarding! What began as an innocent search in an unfamiliar city for a quality shampoo over a decade ago has truly grown into a passion and a lifestyle for me.  At the time, the natural hair movement was just getting started (yes, I’ve been doing this a long, long time!)  Even though there wasn’t a whole lot of information out there, I soaked it all up like a sponge!

The hair gurus of that time showed me the way to better, healthier hair! I slowly but surely nursed my dried-out hair back to health through a number of techniques that are super common today but back then were very new. I co-washed every few days, I added moisture by deep conditioning, I trimmed often, and kept myself on a reduced heat regimen. I was so deep into this I would sometimes even create my own at-home treatments!

Cracking the Code

I started to fall in love with my curls in a way I could never have imagined. It was not easy or straightforward, of course; I spent many years learning (and unlearning!) my hair. My hair has through it all – heat damage, over processing and split ends to name a few! I watched my hair flourish and strengthen as I gave it the TLC it deserved, and I’ve also seen what happens when I don’t. Like many women, I live a busy, complex and full life – I’ve travelled and started a new life in many different places around the world, and there were times where I just didn’t spend enough time on my curls. And unfortunately, it showed. Nevertheless, these ups and downs are an important part of my hair story, and are a key part of what inspired Glisen.

Selam Emiru Natural hair care expert

Spreading the Word

I’d finally cracked the code to beautiful, healthy curls and I wanted to spread the word! I began doing one-on-one consultations while living in Zambia. As my family and I moved around often, I opted to go the online route.  This allowed me to help women learn to care for their hair anywhere in the world! Those consultations slowly evolved into Glisen – an online platform that uses cutting edge technology to produce personalized hair product recommendations and advice to women.

Glisen is an inclusive community for women with all types of textured hair that offers incredible insights, curated hair products, useful advice and all the information women need to help their hair reach its fullest potential. As I am currently residing in Kenya, I am especially interested in helping women across Africa learn and fall in love with their curls, but Glisen can truly be a resource for kinky-haired women all around the world!

No More Guessing Games

I have combined everything I’ve learned along my natural hair journey, along with some formal training and technical expertise including an Associate Trichologist Diploma and membership with the World Trichology Society.  At this stage, I am more than simply passionate about hair, I am committed to empowering women with the tools to truly transform their kinks and curls.

Glisen is for the modern woman who loves their mane but may not have the time or energy to figure out the best way to get long-lasting results. At Glisen, we’ve perfected hair care down to a science, so you don’t have to play guessing games with your hair regimen. We understand the natural hair journey because we’ve been there – and we care about your hair just as much as you do!

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