Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair and Scalp

Maintain Healthy Hair and scalp care

It's All About Consistency

Did you know that true hair health goes farther than just caring for your hair strands? Hair health includes caring for your scalp. Scalp and hair care involves choosing the right hair care routine on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Great hair care routines normally include washing and conditioning hair, moisturizing, oiling the scalp, trimming hair ends, and applying hair treatments bi-weekly and monthly. Being consistent with these main steps will promote and maintain healthy hair and scalp.

Let’s dig deeper into the practical ways of how you can employ these steps to maintain healthy hair and scalp. 

Steps in Maintaining a Healthy Hair and Scalp


Hair should be cleansed using a mild shampoo weekly with a maximum of twice per week. The beauty of using a mild shampoo to cleanse your hair and scalp is that it removes the harmful buildup that can weigh down your hair strands and scalp while leaving hair moisturized. This moisture intensive shampoo is a good option.

The conventional shampoo tends to strip hair strands and scalp of essential and natural oils that help maintain healthy hair,  leading to dry hair strands and an itchy scalp. In this state, hair is prone to breakage. 


Promoting healthy hair means never skipping the conditioning process immediately after cleansing with your mild shampoo. You may wonder what’s the need for using a conditioner, seeing that the mild shampoo also aids in keeping hair moisturized.

When you use your conditioner alongside your mild shampoo, you receive benefits that cause your hair to thrive and remain healthy. Conditioning coats the hair strands smoothing hair cuticles, minimizing tangles, dislodging single strand knots, and giving hair its shine. Try this rich conditioner that’s both a great moisturizer and detangler


Hair should be moisturized frequently. Moisture escapes from hair easily, so it’s important to routinely replenish the moisture that is lost. This ensures that hair maintains moisture, minimizing breakage caused by dryness.

Maintain Healthy Hair and Scalp
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Oiling the scalp

If your scalp is dry, apply oil to your scalp consistently using a natural oil of your choosing, preferably one that is light in nature, up to 3 times per week. It’s also essential to incorporate massages when applying the oil to the scalp to increase blood circulation, promoting healthy hair strands and scalp.

It’s beneficial to include scalp scrubs and exfoliators as they help prevent and remove dandruff and lift heavy oil buildup. 


Hair should be trimmed at least every two to three months to encourage true hair health. Hair strands that are not trimmed are exposed to split ends that will travel up the hair shaft and cause extensive damage leading to thin and fragile hair. 

Applying hair treatments

Deep conditioning your hair every one to two weeks helps boost the moisture balance for your hair which aids in overall hair health and strength. If you notice your hair is weak, incorporate protein treatments into your routine. Protein treatments help to add strength back to the hair strands and prevent breakage.  

The right moisture-protein balance is essential for maintaining hair health.

More tips for maintaining healthy hair and scalp

Incorporate low manipulation, protective hairstyles to give your hair a break from styles that cause tension. At night, put on a hair bonnet or sleep on a satin pillowcase as cotton and other materials absorb the moisture from your hair or cause friction. If you won’t consume a balanced diet, take nutritional supplements. Exercise and adequate water consumption are also essential in maintaining strong strands. 

Maintaining healthy hair and scalp is simple once you follow the steps outlined. Don’t overthink it – you cannot mess it up. Take it step by step starting with just one or two activities at a time, enjoy the process, and watch your hair flourish! 

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