3 Essential Work-from-Home Hair Care Tips

Woman working from home and caring for her and her her body

Recovering from a Tough Year

The past two years have been a huge learning curve for all of us. And not to dive too much into the well-known details, the last two years have definitely shifted how we live and work. 

Many companies have employed a fully remote or hybrid working arrangement, and some individuals have committed to the freelancer lifestyle. This means that your work may now be fully integrated in your life – doing your laundry in between meetings and having enough time in the day for your skin and hair care routines. Today, let’s explore a few home hair care tips to help you keep up with your hair needs.

Incorporate a Simple Wash Day Routine

It’s proven that working from home can be great for your hair and skin. This is because we’re not exposed to the elements as often as before the pandemic. Your hair is therefore probably cleaner than usual. A simple weekly wash day routine is enough to keep your hair healthy.  The Wash & Go is the ultimate at-home hair care routine. The only products you need for a simple wash & go are:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner and/or leave-in conditioner
  • Hair moisturizer
  • Styling ideas!

Of course, there’s a lot more you can do to achieve other desired effects eg. defined curls. But if you’re just at home and need to quickly cleanse your hair, you’ll only need the above. Be sure to use the products meant for your hair type and texture. Find out more on our website

Hair Protection

As you stay indoors for most of the days, it’s still important to keep your hair protected from dryness. Sleeping with a satin or silk bonnet is the best way to keep your hair moisturized after washing it. If you’re not a fan of sleeping headgear, you can invest in a good quality satin or silk pillowcase, which will do the same job.

Woman working from home and caring for her and her her body

DIY Hair Care Recipes 

There’s nothing like a simple, calming hair routine after a long day work week. Give your hair some TLC by giving it a nutrient boost using simple DIY hair masks. Glisen has all the essential hair recipes and routines you can use at home. To get solutions tailored to you, take the quiz on the website for the platform to understand your hair needs and goals and finally,  share recommended routines and products. 

Glisen provides you with professional hair care advice right in the comfort of your home. 

Bonus Point: A Healthy Diet

A decent, healthy diet is critical for your hair growth and health. And because your hair is made up of a protein called Keratin, eating a well-balanced diet full of nutritious protein will promote hair growth. So, as much as you’re focusing on what you’re adding to your hair to make it stronger and healthier, consider what you’re taking in as well! 

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