The Importance of a Reset

Healthy hair is an essential aspect of our overall appearance and plays a significant role in our self-esteem. We all strive to have beautiful, luscious locks that are nourished and feel good to the touch. However, with the amount of pollution, product buildup, and everyday wear and tear, our hair can easily become dull, lifeless, and unhealthy. This is where the importance of detoxing our scalp, clarifying our hair, and trimming our hair comes into play. In keeping with our 2023 theme of “ease“, we share with you simple ways to restart your hair journey with a clean slate!

A Clean Scalp: the Root to Healthy Hair

Detoxing our scalp is crucial to achieving healthy hair. Just like our skin, our scalp can accumulate dirt, oil, and product buildup over time. This buildup can clog our hair follicles, which can lead to hair breakage, hair loss, and even scalp issues. Learn more about the importance of a healthy scalp here.

Detoxing our scalp involves using products specifically designed to deep cleanse and exfoliate the scalp such as this scalp exfoliator, which removes any buildup and promoting healthy hair growth.  Detoxing our scalp also helps to increase blood circulation to the hair follicles, which nourishes and strengthens the hair from the roots. To help with blood flow stimulation, consider getting an automatic scalp massager or a manual scalp massager.

If you’re not keen on adding more products to your cabinet, you can use what you have! Simply use your shampoo and take extra time to thoroughly massage your scalp with your finger tips. You may have to repeat this process to remove all buildup. 

Black woman with box braids - detox clariy and trim your hair
Photo by Tahiti Spears on Unsplash

Giving Your Strands Life

Clarifying our hair is another important step in achieving healthy hair. Clarifying shampoos, such as this gentle clarifying shampoo by Aunt Jackie, remove any product buildup, excess oils, and impurities from our hair, leaving it feeling fresh and clean. Product buildup can weigh down our hair, making it look and feel lifeless. If DIY hair treatments are your thing, you can revive your strands using this easy bentonite clay clarifying tutorial.

Clarifying can also help to enhance the effectiveness of our other hair care products by allowing them to penetrate our hair more effectively. Clarifying should be done regularly, depending on your hair, your lifestyle, your environment, and the amount of product you use. If you have dry or damaged hair, it is best to clarify once a month. If you have oily hair, you may need to clarify every two weeks. Read more about the benefits of clarifying you hair in this blog post.

Nurturing Your Ends

Trimming our hair is also an essential step in maintaining healthy hair. Regular trimming helps to prevent split ends and breakage, which can lead to thinned out hair, hair loss and inability to retain our length, which can seem like a lack of growth. Trimming also helps to keep our hair looking neat and tidy, which can enhance our overall appearance. If left untrimmed, split ends can travel up the hair shaft, causing more damage to our hair.

Trimming our hair every six to eight weeks can help to keep split ends at bay, leaving our hair looking healthy and strong. Feeling adventurous? Try to trim your own hair using these professional shears. Not sure how? We have your back! When you access your personalized hair page, you will have access to tutorials on how to trim your on hair.

We explain in detail the benefits of trimming, and whether you should trim your hair wet or dry in this article.

In addition to detoxing our scalp, clarifying our hair, and trimming our hair, there are several other things we can do to maintain healthy hair. Using a good quality shampoo and conditioner that suits our hair needs is essential. It is also important to avoid using too much heat on our hair, as this can cause damage and breakage. Using a heat protectant before using any heat styling tools can help to minimize the damage. Wearing a hat or using a scarf when exposed to the sun can also help to protect our hair from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays.

Black woman with box braids - detox clariy and trim your hair
Photo by Tahiti Spears on Unsplash

Look and Feel Amazing

Achieving healthy hair requires more than just using the right hair care products. Detoxing our scalp, clarifying our hair, and trimming our hair are all essential steps in maintaining healthy hair. By taking these steps, we can help to prevent hair loss, breakage, and split ends, leaving our hair looking and feeling its best. It is also important to remember that healthy hair is not just about how it looks; it is about how it feels. By starting with a clean slate,  we can be sure we are off to a promising hair journey, keeping our hair looking and feeling amazing!

Need help starting with a clean slate? We’re here for you! Sign up to access your personalized hair page and get products, tools, videos and much more tailored to your unique hair!

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