“Easing” into the New Year

Easing into the new year
Photo by Vladimir Yelizarov on Unsplash.

Getting to know our hair.

From the moment we decided we wanted to start loving our coils and curls in their natural element, it’s been quite a journey! There was so much to discover, including just how much we realized we didn’t know about our natural hair!

When we launched our personalized hair care service in 2021, we learned so much about ourselves and our interests. 

We had to learn exactly how to love our curls, which meant discovering which products worked and which products didn’t. Which shampoos would dry out our curls and which ones would best cleanse our scalp without causing too much breakage. We had to try different methods – should we use the LOC method (lotion, oil then conditioner) or would the LCO (lotion, conditioner then oil) work better for our particular hair? Is the LOC method even necessary? Should we dry our hair with a towel or an old t-shirt? Which products would help us to retain length and which ones would help thicken our edges? As soon as we answered one question, four more would pop up!

To each her own.

Some of us decided to go completely heat free, which meant no flat irons or silk presses or even a simple blow dry! While others completely skipped the use of any dyes or bleach for fear it would cause irreparable damage to our hair. Some of us went the complete opposite route and had fun experimenting with the diversity and magic of our curls, trying every style, every cut and every color! For those, loving our curls meant discovering all the different ways we could experience them in all their beautiful glory! Yet for others, loving our hair meant texturizing it in order to free up time and focus on other aspects of our lives.

Easing into the
Photo by Vladimir-Yelizarov on Unsplash.

Unlearning and relearning.

There was so much to learn and discover and as the years went by and we began to understand more about our hair, then what we thought we knew changed as well. We now know that just because a product or homemade mixture is all-natural, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be good for our hair. Likewise, all chemicals aren’t bad and some can actually be helpful in our journey to strong, thick healthy hair!

Everyone’s journey is unique but one thing we all have in common is that good quality products, with effective ingredients will always be the easiest route to healthy hair! And after years of trial and error, 2023 should be all about ease!

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