One Year After Launching Our Platform Here’s What We Know.

Black woman with curly hair smiling

Celebrating 1 year of the Glisen platform!

12 months ago, we launched the Glisen platform, designed to provide you with automated, personalized hair care advice within minutes. It works this way: you answer a few questions about your hair, create an account, and get access to your personalized hair page. Watch this short video to see it in action.

Your hair page contains a step-by-step routine tailored to your unique hair, curated video tutorials, products you can buy that will work for you, recipes for DIY hair treatments, detailed explanations that address your hair issues, and access to chat directly with us.

Lessons learned from 12 months of helping you care for your hair.

Over the last year, we watched as you took the quiz and accessed hair care information and products that helped you better understand and manage your hair.

As we watched you take ownership of your hair journey and engage with your page, we couldn’t help but beam with excitement and joy! Here at Glisen, we are on a mission to help every woman understand, nurture and love her hair!

As the months went by, some themes started to emerge around how women view their hair care journey, what products are sought after and more. Read on to learn the seven most surprising things we uncovered!

1. Different women need different amounts of information.

Not everyone processes information the same way. While some of you love to spend hours delving into every type of content on your hair page, some of you preferred to just buy the products that were recommended for you, and be done with it.

2. It’s not just about products.

While hair products play a big part in how your hair flourishes, you’re starting to understand that it’s not just about products, but more so about methods, and most importantly, consistency. 

Check out this hair routine blueprint we put together to get you started with a routine the right way. When you take our short quiz and sign up, you will get access to your tailored  routine.

3. Everyone is on a different phase on their hair journey. ​

Some of you are newbies and need detailed explanations, while some of you are experts that need little guidance. When I started out on my hair journey, I would spend hours reading blogs and watching video tutorials. Over time, I understood what to focus on, and what to skim over.

Glisen is here for all of you, wherever you are on your journey.

Black woman with curly hair smiling
Black woman with curly hair smiling

4. How much time you commit to your hair changes with time, depending on what season of your life you are in.​

New moms, for example, have less time to spend on their hair, and may change their routine to a basic one, while a woman fresh out of university or starting a new job may dedicate more time to her hair. 

The time I spent on my hair drastically dropped when I had my first child, as I had a lot to figure out. I was saddened by the fact that I won’t manage to care for my hair the way I used to, but like everything else in life, I learned to adjust. I made peace with the fact that different seasons of my life require different level of commitment and focus. By the time baby #2 and baby #3 came, I knew what to expect and was okay with not looking after my hair as much, as my attention was naturally spent on my babies. 

5. It’s okay, and very common, to trail off your path, and stop taking care of your hair consistently.

If there is one thing consistent about my journey, it’s that I’ve consistently fallen off the wagon and gotten back on it! Don’t feel alone, we all go through phases where life takes over and we neglect our hair. It’s totally natural. We’ve all been there, and Glisen is here to get you back on track!

6. The key to consistency is to start with one small task, and repeat it over time until it becomes a habit.

We say this all the time. This is perhaps the most overlooked secret of them all! Small, consistent actions lead to great results. More on this here!

Black woman with curly hair smiling
Black woman with curly hair smiling

7. Tools, such as scalp massagers, hair bonnets, hair steamers, hair dryers, and detangling brushes, are just as important as products.

That’s right. How you care for your hair is just as important as what you put on your hair. Invest in the right tools to care for and style your hair. For example, this detangling brush can literally save hundreds of hair strands from breaking off!

Luckily for you, we’ve made it quite simple. Take our quiz here, or if you’ve already done so, access your page here, and purchase the right hair tools and accessories for your unique hair!

What have YOU learned about yourself in the last 12 months? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. Thanks for the update I liked the advice about hair Tools and accessories! It’s so true . I will surely focus on that !

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